2 weeks ago, I had the honour to assist one of my good friends on her wedding day! Their courtship was more than 9 years and I was so happy for both of them. I knew Wawa, the bride since our primary school days and yes, we practically grew up together. It was such a beautiful event as they did a combine wedding at Arena Country Club in Jurong, that place is ULU but it was a part of Singapore that I know now since they have Go Kart within the club itself. There were some technical glitches but my good friends and I had the most amazing time of our lives. Now that I’m back in Singapore for good, it’s really good to catch up with my friends for the whole day.

A particular vendor(s)that I would highlight at this event was her bridal, besides dolling her up pretty, the Merah Jambu bridal room, her Mak Andam, Kak Rai and Kak Mul were so nice and chatty. I felt like I made new friends on that day. their photo booth were so awesome as well. Unlimited printing of photos for merely less than 700 I think. It’s from a vendor called wishpix. They were really friendly and has been standing up for the whole 9 hours man and no complaints at all. :) 

Anyway, photos will do justice. Wawa, if you’re reading this, may Allah bless your marriage till Jannah. I am so happy for you. If we ever have kids, make sure we have them have longkang adventures  catching spiders like how we did waaaay back. Lol. 


What I’ve been up to?

I haven’t been updating this site because I was sorting out my 18 boxes that had been shipped from Shanghai. No space at my Mom’s place (and I have 4 other siblings@ home) so I rented through store-friendly warehouse. It’s not really affordable but I really had no choice. H even had stuff to store so I rented a pretty good space for about half a year.

I’ve been trying to find the ‘suitable’ preschool to work in. And let’s face it, in Sg and perhaps in any other parts of the world, there can never be a suitable workplace. Conducive- yes, Helpful and warm colleagues- yes, Expected Salary and benefits- no, Work and Life Balance- Not often.

Oh well, I shall not complain excessively and count my blessings. I landed a job at a reputable preschool 2 weeks ago and I shall endure the heaps of documentation. Always good to learn something new. In shaa Allah

UPDATES with the Wedding Prep

We booked APKIM for our 1 day Pre-Marriage course, thanks to BTBs who has shared some positive feedback of their course. I hope ours will be a positive and enriching experience too. In Shaa Allah.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 11.46.47 pm

We filed in our application on the 4th day of Syawal and the no.of couples filling for their marriage on that day is quite a popular sight. The numbers kept increasing. We didn’t had any specific Ustaz so Ustaz Yazid was available to solemnize our nikah on that day. In shaa Allah.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 11.40.45 pm

This is the most exciting part of the plan! We booked our honeymoon adventure tickets- FINALLY! Flying on KLM and we will transfer flights from AMS to MADRID baby! I shared with H that Holland will always leave an impression for me as its the place I started my solo travelling around Europe 5 years ago.  We decided to go Spain over Greece since we will be travelling over the December period and certain islands in G-land aren’t permissible to visit thus, the change of plans.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 11.43.38 pm

I’m still looking around for a wedding cake….since I dropped the idea of baking my own cake. -_-

Next month, vendors will prolly be calling us to settle half of the payments, since it will be 3 months before the wedding. (whatever happened to time?)

Till then, enjoy the rest of the week!

Booking Woes

Yeterday, I submitted the form for booking of the main prayer hall for our solemnisation. I waited for about almost half an hour to receive the news from the lady and she told me that another couple will be having their solemnisation an hour after mine so she has placed my booking on hold.

Okay, so I get it, we are not the only ones getting married and using the place. LOL. Okay, to be honest I panic cos I have to make arrangements especially with the reception at Mamanda. Initially, we wanted the reception to start from 4-8pm but if we are not able to get the 2-3 solemnisation slot then we will prolly have to change from 12-1 and push our reception earlier. I can’t possibly make my guests wait till 4pm, go home and come back again.

okay, everything will fall into place. There’s no need to panic over such stuff. Hehe. Any bride to be face such situation?

Back for Good

Salam Ramadhan Kareem everyone!

I’m back in sunny Singapore for good a few days ago. Alhamdullilah, that I landed safely despite the crazy turbulence on and off during the flight on China Easter Airlines. It was a nostalgic moment for me as I recalled my first flight out to Shanghai 3.5  years ago and how excited I was with an amazing career ahead of me. Now that I’m back with no expat package but a better air and surrounding myself with close family and friends joining the ‘rat face’ again. Truth be told, it’s still a familiar place to me but I’m really trying to settle back into this lifestyle. I have to keep reminding myself that Allah has better plans for me. In Shaa Allah.

Shanghai will still be remembered as a place that I used to do crazy adventures, formed many friendships and the beginning of a great career.

For now, H and I really working hard to this. We may conquer long distance relationships through many many fights and disrupted calls and love notes, but what’s ahead of us, only Allah can guide us to this marital bliss. In shaa Allah.

Erm, 5 months to go, what?! to all those BTBs having their wedding the same month as me, keep calm and complete your tasks! :)

What’s left :-

-confirm on solemnization @ mosque

-next month, register on ROMM

-confirm on my wali aka uncle as my beloved dad passed away 4 years ago :'( #alwaysbemydaddysgirl

-rings  and other hantaran gifts to be settled

-honeymoon to be sorted out, now we are still deciding between Greece and Spain :)

That’s it for now.


I still can’t believe that I am left with a month till I’m back in SG for good.

And at the same time, 7 months till the WEDDING?! Like WHAT?!

Whatever happened to double digits.

Anyway, I shall not be frantic just cos we plan to go for our honeymoon the next day after our wedding.

And I shall not frantic just cos the flight tickets are super duper SKYROCKETING!

I shall BE Patient.

HE is the best of all Planners.

Bestie in Shanghai

From Apr 9 till Apr 14 my bestfriend since we were 14 yrs old flew to Shanghai to spend my birthday week. Super sweet! I had an amazing time. We scoot around with Sanchez and went to cafe, tried new food and cafes, I brought her to some of favourite food around my area. We hung out like how we used to when I was back in Singapore. We had a staycation at Kerry Hotel in Pudong and boy, did we had an awesome time. Photos will do justice.

Dear Enen Bestie, if you are reading this, thank you so much for making my last year in Shanghai on my birthday a memorable one. Love you, nyonya! :p XoXo

Xibo Restaurant

Its MAY already?! I will need to post some highlights in my favourite month April. -04 Apr     I had some fun, al-fresco dinning in Xibo Restaurant, Shanghai for Hidhir’s birthday. Hidhir is my son’s friend that I am close with. Kak Maya is someone that I met after 7 months in Shanghai and we met in the school that I was teaching. We became close ever since then. Peoole like her I met along the way, made me count my blessings.

So, we celebrated Hidhir’s birthday with yummy bbq meat, xinjiang food, yummy pumpkin dumplings. And the best part was its HALAL. Alhamdullilah.