Blessed. 12.12.15

It’s been a week since our wedding and I’m typing this out whilst waiting for our flight home from Amsterdam to Singapore. We’ve had an amazing honeymoon in Spain particularly the cities in Andalusia like Sevilla and Granada. I will post about that in a later post. 

Alhamdulillah, our solemnisation and reception went well. It was raining during our solemnisation and I’ve always felt that it was a gift from Allah (blessing). 

Gift Cake

So, any hiccups? Yes, me being pretty upset on the night before my wedding. When I collected my cake for Haireen for his gift trays and how it turned out to be super duper fugly (idonknowhattosay). It was a batman theme cake and I thought this vendor would do well since I’m paying quite a price but oh my Gosh. No. It was so dumb of me to not ask about the updates. Luckily, the cake situation had been rectified by one of my best friends Zirah. And thank goodness that her fondant wasn’t even sticky that we manage to keep it clean and nice. If you want to know which vendor, kindly PM me. 

The Gift Trays

So, after the cake ordeal, I thought to myself okay the gift trays should be well accounted for. When I came to collect, I was surprised to see no acrylic trays but flat crates. I thought to myself it was too simple. I don’t mind the change but I could have been informed earlier. And what didn’t help was my best friend commented that it was too kiddish in a good way.Haha. That’s very her. But at that point of time it wasn’t helping cos I was tired and I was upset with so many changes. In the car, I realised one of his shirts was not on the tray. I saw it in my paper bag. Dang. That’s when I burst. Because it was promised that she was using it. If it was a sore thumb, she could have informed me earlier. 

My sisters were to my rescue. They said it was unique and she spoke to Kak Anis to rectify the situation. I clearly could not think. She came down to the hotel and fixed the shirt and ask if I wanted a refund. I didn’t want the refund at all cos it’s her hard work, I just wanted his shirt fixed and well a tad disappointed that it didn’t turn out what it was being said before. Also, I found out later, that another couple also had another batman rustic theme when I remembered she said to me that I’m the only couple that had the theme. Oh wello, i can’t be the only one that has the theme right. 

So imagine all that ra ra. I manage to settle well at The Sultan with some of the girls who stayed with me through the night. 

So anyways, all went well. Alhamdullilah. My MUA Tasya from BellaSue Bridal Couture did solemnisation makeup and I love it! :) For someone who doesn’t do make up, those fake eyelash gets to me but Tasya was so patient with me . 

My solemnisation outfit is my own- bought online and not tailor made cost less than 50sgd :)  

My reception outfit, Javanese since the husboy is of Javanese Malay. We wore the newest collection from BellaSue Bridal. We love it cos it black :) Kak Sue and Kak Aza was so patient with me especially my eyelashes. They kept me calm the whole time. 

The last outfit, blue dreamy dress tailored in Suzhou cos I lived in Shanghai for the past 4years, so I got it done there as well as his suit. 

Mamanda was good with the food and deco. Thank you to Farid and team! My girls did the reception area and placed those huge helium alphabet balloons for us. It was really lovely! 

 One two three snap studio Photobooth didn’t disappoint us. Our photos were given a week after the wedding. 

Deejay-pet peeve (haha)

The deejay was suppose to just play our songs from our playlist but he didn’t. When I asked my Cousin to tell him to use our playlist he said to her that it wasn’t appropriate. I was seated at the Dias and I told her to tell him, we didn’t pay him to play his songs. He didn’t need to speak too cos we got my good friend Husband Faisal to be our emcee. Right after that, our songs were played. Imagine, no oldies Malay songs era 80s. Our playlist were slow Indonesian songs and pop love songs how would the deejay have the cheek to use his own playlist. Grr. That was solved. 

Our wedding wouldn’t be possible with Allah’s Grace and the help of our families,  close friends and our amazing guests. 

The most important thing now, a marriage and a new adventure that awaits us. In Shaa Allah. 




As I’m typing this down, I’m right at the living room, my best friend sleeps next to me snoring happily away. Its almost 6am and I had been awake since 4am.

I’ve been stained! :) Yesterday, Nyna from VoguesartHenna came over for my henna night. I booked a separate vendor called heavenly_henna by Nausheen to do it for my gorgeous girls and family. It was a really last minute thing because things didn’t work out or should I say I wasn’t informed earlier that Voguesart Henna friend wasn’t able to do the henna party for my guests 4 days before the henna night. So anyway, it was settled.
Nausheen was early, prompt and such a talented lady. My girls and guests really loved their henna stains too.

As for me, Voguesarthenna did quite alright with my request.

Here’s some photos to share :)

                     ME (below pictures)



                  My Gorgeous Girls



Alrighty, one more day *gulps*. I have errands to run soon.

Till then, have a blessed Friday! :)

Mask that hair!

I had another session with Kak Shah at Aura Nur Home Spa last Tuesday. It was another Indulgence session. Kak Shah asked me to try out her deep conditioning hair mask session too. It was super relaxing too. No hard chemicals on your hair just pure sweet smelling (as I called it) paste as she lathered all over my hair. Kak Shah then massage my head after. It felt so gooood. So, as I was doing my detox sauna she placed me under the hair machine for about 30 mins I think. I didn’t keep track cos it was too relaxing haha!

This is how I look like.



Right after my lulur and flower bath. My hair felt so smooth and sweet smelling.

I had an appointment with my two friends after the spa session and as I got into my friend’s car, one of them said “I like the smell of my perfume but Nurul now the car smells of your hair, it’s really nice. I love it”

Thank you Kak Shah! For another amazing session.

PS:// I am not endorsed by her just honest thoughts about my positive visit.

Do check her latest updates on FB and Instagram!

Pamper Prick

Last weekend, I treated myself to an Indulge session with Aura Nur. It’s a home based spa and I must say I was very impressed with the beautician, Kak Sha. I’m the sort of person that loves ‘jumping in the boat’ with regards to trying something new with very minimal knowledge. Haha. I do look it up and browse through what lulur and detox sauna session actually entails to. So, I booked the Indulge session and Kak Sha was very prompt at responding and secured an appointment time suitable to my session. As I selected for the Indulge session (BTB) at $78. This includes a 30 mins Sauna, followed by scrub and lulur and lastly Mandi Bunga. 

As it was my first visit, I didn’t know that it was a home spa until she sent me her address. Truth be told, I was a little skeptical, but I choose to be positive. As I arrived, she greeted me warmly and was very bubbly and chatty. She made you feel at ease in a minute. Her room is transformed into a spa. What I meant is totally a professional spa. It has a massage bed, a few facial machines and a sauna that looks like a tissue box. Haha. I quite enjoyed that as it made you sweat so much. When you’re almost done with the sauna, she will give you a cup of fresh orange juice. 

Hahaha! Here’s a photo of me in that tissue box or the turtle shell whatever I can call it. ;)  
Kak Sha then slowly told me on what she will be doing, her products she will used and such. Nope, she doesn’t hard sell either! Unlike most spas here you go to they will push you to sign up for a package blah blah blah. So, right after the half an hour sauna, I had my scrub and lulur. She shared with me that usually most spas do scrub and lulur first and then sauna. But for her, the reason why she does sauna first was because she wants our pores to open and then she will smoothen your skin with the scrub and lulur. It was so soothing and relaxing. And yes, my skin felt smoother. 

The last part was Mandi Bunga or Flower bath which is identical with the sacred and mystical, it is also very beneficial for health. Element of water and flowers as the main media, able to provide freshness and affection in the soul and body (taken from scarlettwinterblog). I’ve always thought that it was something bad as its a sort of evil hahaha. Little did I know, it freshenes your face and body. Kak Sha makes it a point to have you selawat and niat in Islamic way while having your Mandi Bunga session. And no, she’s not with you, you will have to do it solo. The downside is, she is able only able to take in 1 client at a time but I’m fine with it as she is focused and dedicated in her work. Also, she does not have a bathtub but for me personally, that’s not necessary. 

After the whole session, she gave a me a cup of ginger tea. It was so so good. I don’t recall shop spas having all these complete drinks. So, I’ve booked her for a facial session later and I hope it goes just as well-extracting all my blackheads and such. 

The best part for me that is, she lives in the west side. But I know that some of her clients as far as Tampines has travelled all the way to her place. 

So fellow BTBs, try it out and no I’m not endorsed or anything!, just an honest review of my session from her.  Here’s her social media links FYI 

Instagram – auranur_

Facebook –

Have a lovely midweek! :) 

Posto Posto!

We received our invitation cards from Mamanda 2 weeks ago and we were surprised by the thickness and presentation of the cards. Firstly, we didn’t bring a huge bag cos we really thought it was going to be light. We only had 250 invites anyway. But, as soon as we reached there, Farid, our comical wedding organizer told us if we drove. So, we said no. He then said, you guys gotta book a cab ok. Then, he came in with three big bags filled with cards.

Yes, everyone must’ve asked me if they didn’t show us the card before we booked the package. I think Farid did, its just our memory wasn’t working as it was 2 years ago. Anyway, we’re happy with how it turned out- simple and clean cut.



It feels surreal to have your name and his name printed on it…

We are left with finalizing our Itinerary and bridal fitting :)

May HE ease our journey to marital bliss. In Shaa Allah.

4 weeks to go…

The Last Lap

…..of Wed Preps?…..

So…. H and I went down to ROMM 2 weeks ago and surprisingly there wasn’t a long queue prolly because we went there on a Tuesday morning. There were 2 couples ahead of us and the process was quick. 

1- Go to the ROMM counter and they will issue you a number. For me, there was this security Pakcik whom issued us the no and he asked if I brought my wali. I told him yes. Just because he was trying to find an elderly man. I said “yes, it’s my younger Brother”. Perhaps, it’s not a norm for Younger brothers to be Wali and I didn’t want to explain further to him but he was comical indeed, cheering my younger Brother on after he found out that he was my Wali. 

2. Our numbers were called and the lady asked for our ICs and called in my younger Brother since he is the Wali. I’m glad that I brought my late dad’s death certificate as the lady at the counter asked for it. Check our particulars again and signed the forms. 

3.Wali to be called in the room to be interviewed by the Ustaz followed by me and H. The Ustaz was calm not serious and he asked me what I learned during the pre marriage course and then had to angkat sumpah aka recite oath. 

Then were done. Since we took a day off, both H and I with our moms went to JB to eat and shop. :) 


We did a pre marriage day course at APKIM in September. Truth be told, it was truly an insight and the counsellors didn’t make the topics too dry at all. Some were relevant topics and I liked how we had individual interviews in the morning part. 

My younger Sister the Creative bug

I decided to ask my younger Sister, the Creative bug in the family to design my solemnisation gift tags for my guests. I love how efficient she was and how simple the design she created. 

Corsages and DIY gift 

I decided on flower corsages. Purple for the bride and Rose for the Groom side. 

Oh, and a special DIY gift for H on one of his gift trays. Marks our Long distance relationship….  

I’m 7 weeks away to the wedding….. Let’s eat some ice cream and go for a massage please? Hehe.



Month check-October 

I’m still trying to get over the fact that I’m back in Singapore and not living in Shanghai anymore. It takes a LOT of not wallowing in the past. In Shaa Allah, I hope I’m willing to take HIS test with patience. There were times that I felt I wanna give up and move back to where I felt ‘success’ was the epitome in my life. To those who’ve been living and working by yourself in a foreign land for years and had to come home for good could relate. 

Having said that, I am thankful that even at my lowest point, H had been there for me, tolerating my rants on life differences and how he tells me that Allah has better plans. Work is mundane and currently where I’m at, it hasn’t been very positive. I’m holding on to better days ahead. 


2 weeks ago, I had the honour to assist one of my good friends on her wedding day! Their courtship was more than 9 years and I was so happy for both of them. I knew Wawa, the bride since our primary school days and yes, we practically grew up together. It was such a beautiful event as they did a combine wedding at Arena Country Club in Jurong, that place is ULU but it was a part of Singapore that I know now since they have Go Kart within the club itself. There were some technical glitches but my good friends and I had the most amazing time of our lives. Now that I’m back in Singapore for good, it’s really good to catch up with my friends for the whole day.

A particular vendor(s)that I would highlight at this event was her bridal, besides dolling her up pretty, the Merah Jambu bridal room, her Mak Andam, Kak Rai and Kak Mul were so nice and chatty. I felt like I made new friends on that day. their photo booth were so awesome as well. Unlimited printing of photos for merely less than 700 I think. It’s from a vendor called wishpix. They were really friendly and has been standing up for the whole 9 hours man and no complaints at all. :) 

Anyway, photos will do justice. Wawa, if you’re reading this, may Allah bless your marriage till Jannah. I am so happy for you. If we ever have kids, make sure we have them have longkang adventures  catching spiders like how we did waaaay back. Lol.