I still can’t believe that I am left with a month till I’m back in SG for good.

And at the same time, 7 months till the WEDDING?! Like WHAT?!

Whatever happened to double digits.

Anyway, I shall not be frantic just cos we plan to go for our honeymoon the next day after our wedding.

And I shall not frantic just cos the flight tickets are super duper SKYROCKETING!

I shall BE Patient.

HE is the best of all Planners.


Birthday Surprises

I am truly blessed.

From my colleagues in school, my students and my fiance. Spending my last year in my 20s in Shanghai was truly amazing. Lovin’ all the loves!


Bestie in Shanghai

From Apr 9 till Apr 14 my bestfriend since we were 14 yrs old flew to Shanghai to spend my birthday week. Super sweet! I had an amazing time. We scoot around with Sanchez and went to cafe, tried new food and cafes, I brought her to some of favourite food around my area. We hung out like how we used to when I was back in Singapore. We had a staycation at Kerry Hotel in Pudong and boy, did we had an awesome time. Photos will do justice.

Dear Enen Bestie, if you are reading this, thank you so much for making my last year in Shanghai on my birthday a memorable one. Love you, nyonya! :p XoXo


Xibo Restaurant

Its MAY already?! I will need to post some highlights in my favourite month April. -04 Apr     I had some fun, al-fresco dinning in Xibo Restaurant, Shanghai for Hidhir’s birthday. Hidhir is my son’s friend that I am close with. Kak Maya is someone that I met after 7 months in Shanghai and we met in the school that I was teaching. We became close ever since then. Peoole like her I met along the way, made me count my blessings.

So, we celebrated Hidhir’s birthday with yummy bbq meat, xinjiang food, yummy pumpkin dumplings. And the best part was its HALAL. Alhamdullilah.


Tray, Tray, Tray.

In the midst of craziness and busy mode at work, preparing for my shipment from SHG to SG, I manage to secure the gift trays for H. I wanted to have my sister and myself to DIY but I decided to forgo the idea cos I’m afraid that I won’t have much time with my job, clearing my things and getting things organize.

2015-03-29 13.32.38

So anyhow, I decided with Innovazione. Thank God, that she lives in the west!

Here are some of their works.

2015-03-29 13.36.42 2015-03-29 13.36.14 2015-03-29 13.35.46 2015-03-29 13.35.21

Photo credits: Innovazione.

So far, Kak Anis responded to me really promptly. :) Her designs are really simple, clean, ‘nothing over the top’ and I kinda like it. Reasonable price too.

Looking forward to the appointment date. For now, save, save, money!


Cake Toppers!

I found an amazing cake topper artist who could do what displays our interests.

H is a DC Figurine collector and for me I am an avid beginner surfer (i surf 3 years ago and now living in China, hasn’t given me any chance to do so but I definitely wanna be in the waters again, my surfboard is collecting dust back in Sg)

Anyhow, Gosh! I was so excited when Eugene replied me and well yes! if you wanna know what kind of cake toppers, just look below:-





They are just too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, I am getting it customised since it will last for a lifetime. This artist is from UK and well I really love his work even if I gotta pay quite a bit for it. I did try sourcing it out on Taobao China but nothing that they could do.

If any of you are interested or well if its just for viewing leisure, links below!