Tray, Tray, Tray.

In the midst of craziness and busy mode at work, preparing for my shipment from SHG to SG, I manage to secure the gift trays for H. I wanted to have my sister and myself to DIY but I decided to forgo the idea cos I’m afraid that I won’t have much time with my job, clearing my things and getting things organize.

2015-03-29 13.32.38

So anyhow, I decided with Innovazione. Thank God, that she lives in the west!

Here are some of their works.

2015-03-29 13.36.42 2015-03-29 13.36.14 2015-03-29 13.35.46 2015-03-29 13.35.21

Photo credits: Innovazione.

So far, Kak Anis responded to me really promptly. :) Her designs are really simple, clean, ‘nothing over the top’ and I kinda like it. Reasonable price too.

Looking forward to the appointment date. For now, save, save, money!


Cake Toppers!

I found an amazing cake topper artist who could do what displays our interests.

H is a DC Figurine collector and for me I am an avid beginner surfer (i surf 3 years ago and now living in China, hasn’t given me any chance to do so but I definitely wanna be in the waters again, my surfboard is collecting dust back in Sg)

Anyhow, Gosh! I was so excited when Eugene replied me and well yes! if you wanna know what kind of cake toppers, just look below:-





They are just too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, I am getting it customised since it will last for a lifetime. This artist is from UK and well I really love his work even if I gotta pay quite a bit for it. I did try sourcing it out on Taobao China but nothing that they could do.

If any of you are interested or well if its just for viewing leisure, links below!



Guest List

Alhamdullilah, I’ve finally confirmed my guest list. It wasn’t as hard just cos I literally knew who and which family/friends to invite. Although I have big families from both my mom and late dad’s side, In Shaa Allah I am able to accommodate both.

With friends, it was easy peasy. My objective was clear-

Give an invitation to those-

-You/friend have been contacting regularly such as, text, social media, meet-up.

My honest opinion, I do not need to give an invitation even if the person I knew had been for years way back in school or work but have not been contacting each other regularly or for the past at least 3 months. :)

And if any uncle/aunt/cousin/friend ever asks you why they are not invited, just be honest and tell them ‘its a small combined reception, hence if you are not invited, please do not be disheartened, In Shaa Allah, there will be Hari Raya or other occasions to attend.’ (its as easy as it sounds but truth be told, you need to say it)

After all, it is MY wedding.


Got Cake?

So we contemplated and came to a conclusion that I would bake our wedding cake. It sounded ridiculous in the first place, because knowing that I am no Martha Stewart or Malaque. But, anyway I will give it a shot. It would be fun. I had some experience doing tiered cake last year during my birthday party with Sarah when we had a rainbow theme party. It didn’t looked magazine perfect but my friends really enjoyed eating the cake just cos it was layered with nutella and cream cheese frosting. You may take a look at this post.

So.. I’ve been looking at some simple recipes and two-tiered cakes for me to start practise baking/making. White cakes with flowers like these…

weddingchicks.comphoto by weddingchicks.com

thefauxmartha.comphoto by thefauxmartha.com

aisleperfect.com photo by aisleperfect.com

stylemepretty.com       photo by stylemepretty.com


to top it off with cake toppers that resembles our inner child? …


Either way, I am very much excited. I bought some baking tools from Taobao, since its apt and I live Shanghai so once its delivered to my place I will find a weekend to practice. :)

The recipe for most white cakes like the one above requires heavy buttercream but I am trying to substitute something yummy. I will add both H and my favourite flavours of a cake and make it work somehow.

On the same note, any BTBs are making their own wedding cake? Would love to hear about your process. I’ve read some bloggers mainly international and its amazing at how their determination just keeps going. Also there were tips on what you should do before and on the day of the wedding for the cake. Some blogs to share:



Have a lovely Tuesday!


Jan TwoZeroOneFive

11 more months to the big day?

Both H and I have selected most of the things that needed to be done. Now, its just finalizing the solemnization venue, the course (we will do it even if its optional) and yes saving $$.

We are thinking of cutting the no. of pax because truth be told, there are more money that is needed to be spent like our rental of house, honeymoon and life after the wedding. Haha. No, seriously, so if I do not invite some people or relatives, its not that I do not like you, I will still meet you after the wedding when respect is due.

Oh well, I wish its simple as that. :/